The music video for Glenn Stewart’s new music video, “Baby You’re My Only,” starts with a cameo greeting from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season Six winner Bianca Del Rio.

“Hi Brad, Hi Glenn. It’s Bianca Del Rio,” says the drag queen and comedian. “I heard you’re getting married so I wanted to give you some advice: GET OFF GRINDR!”

With that opening, you’d think we’d be in for something outre with the rest of the video, but instead, what Stewart gives us is a sweet and heartfelt little contemporary country love ballad, interspersed with footage of his wedding to now-husband Brad Taylor.

“I can almost see you baby,” sings Stewart. “It feels just like a dream/seems like it’s been forever/the way it feels when you look at me.”

Rain drenches Worcester Common


Stewart’s warm bass vocals and exquisite phrasing carry the song, but there’s also an immense vulnerability in his singing that lets the song transcend the usual sentimental fare. When Stewart sings a line such as, “I’m on my way to make you happy/and you’re on your way to make it real/and I couldn’t stand the pain/if you ever walked away and left me lonely,” the listener believes him. The sincerity with which he delivers the lyrics pulls at the heartstrings.

There’s not a lot of Stewart’s rock ‘n’ roll swagger here: His guitar still has a southern-fried feel to it, but it’s kept low-key. There’s also, in addition to Del Rio, a brief sighting of Stewart’s longtime collaborator, Worcester drag queen Joslyn Fox, but really, the soul of the video is the flash of Stewart and his husband’s wedding ceremony, a flash of their marriage certificate, and deep-felt feeling of real love. It’s a simple little song, and a sweet video, and frankly, you have to be a little heartless to not be charmed.

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