Video shoot for Around Again..COMPLETE

The filming for Glenn Stewarts cover of Rupaul's, Here it comes, Around Again has been wrapped up.  Rupaul's Drag Race queens were out in full
force to support this project and take part. Joslyn Fox, JujuBee, Jaidynn Dior fierce, Kelly Mantle, Monica Beverly Hillz, Jade Jolie and Jade Sotomayor
all took part in the ground breaking video to continue to bridge the gaps with in ALL communities and walks of life.  Specifically for this shoot,  the goal
is to Break Boundaries with in the Country Music community, who has not been very accepting of "alternative" lifestyles, but to bring awareness globally
and send a message of tolerance, acceptance and  education around the various cultures, believes and orientations that tolerance and acceptance is the
ultimate goal in order to break down walls and stereo types for lack of understanding and knowledge.

  In the next 4-6 weeks, the video should be in the final stages of being edited and mastered.  At this time there will be a major press initiative around the 
release and an official press release will follow announcing a  4 city video release parties / tour to include Nashville, Boston,Chicago and LA.

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