The reviews are in and "BREAKING BOUNDARIES" is a hit!


My Friend Glenn Stewart Released his new Cd three weeks ago.  I have known Glen for a lot of years a nicer guy you will not meet Many May know Glen from playing out in the worcester/Boston areas ...... well he's been playing country for a few years now & doing a killer job of it , he had the guts to pick up his life head to Nashville & make a Real album ..... It came out just stellar , very catchy Modern country type tunes , but it also has a rock edge with catchy chorus's written within ..... I got his new cd at his release party a few weeks ago & it's pretty amazing , great players , really good songs & something country & country /rock fans should check out ....... at least give it a listen & if you dig it , grab a copy be it Itunes or full on cd off his site .................. Nicely done my friend , I look forward to more & it was so amazing to see you ....

We Thank you DAVE KELBER for you kind words!!!!( Professional music critic)

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