The new CD is 2 weeks AWAY!!!

The long, long, long, long wait is almost over.  The new CD featuring the hit single's LITTLE MISS JOHN WAYNE, AROUND AGAIN, BABY YOUR MY ONLY, CENTERLINE, ROCK THIS PLACE and many more will be ready to go in roughly 2 weeks.  The tracks are at the printers and the graphic designers are working very hard to get the cover right.  BREAKING BOUNDARIES- the sophomore debut title, was submitted by KICK STARTER backer, Stacy Moquin will be sure to please your hard rock- country- arena rock tastes!!  Take cover and make sure your sitting down.  The production is HUGE and will rival anything thats out there now.  <Make sure to catch Glenn at Wachusett Mountain Country Fest August 14Th and again at Indian Ranch with Charlie Daniels September 16th.

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