KICKSTARTER BACKERS Make it all happen

Kickstarter Backers continue to make it all happen!!!  I cant thank you enough for all your support during the Kickstarter campaign.  Here is an official update for you all.  There are only 2 songs remaining to record lead vocals on, ROCK THIS PLACE and ROCK N ROLL COWBOY.

You have also made it possible for me to shoot a video for my single "Little Miss John Wayne" who Co-Stars Joslyn Fox of RuPauls Drag Race Season 6, which we filmed February 9th at DarkStar Tavern in Louisville Ky.  It was an amazing day and We are blown away by what we have here.

To bridge / smash /collide the worlds of Country music, Rock n Roll and Drag, we can honestly say with out a doubt, THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE....EVER.  Nashville will NEVER bee the same!!!  This is going to be a head turner and we VOW TO YOU, THE FANS AND SUPPORTERS, to  do what ever it takes to make this bitch fly and stick to the wall!!!!

Thanks for all your continued support!!!


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