Joslyn Fox and Glenn Stewart ramp up for video release

A little under two months since being filmed....TADA  Here it is, for your viewing pleasure!!

I would like to THANK ALL OF MY KICK STARTER BACKERS / INVESTORS who made this video and CD possible!!!  I could not have done this with out you guys and can't  thank you enough for all your continued support through out these past gazillion years.  To my label and business partner, Becky Szymcik at New Nashville North Entertainment,  thank you for seeing something in me and dedicating so much of your time in this whole crazy music thing.  Most importent, your friendship and continued belief that this whole thing will launch.  To my "Little Miss John Wayne" Joslyn Fox aka Patrick Joslyn, I can't thank you enough for being a part of this as well as becoming a life long friend...and know that no matter what, I HAVE YOUR BACK!!!  All my friends here in Nashville and back home in Massachusetts, I hope that when the CD is released at the END OF MAY, the wait will be worth it!!!  I am so proud of all the songs, the overall punch you in the teeth, kick you in the stomach drums......Just AMAZING and I hope I have made you all proud!!!! 

I WILL see you at INDIAN RANCH this summer ( TBD ) and will check back in with you all as soon as it gets closer to the release date.




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