Glenn Chooses John Albani to complete record

Glenn names John Albani as executive engineer / producer on new Cd.  " When I first heard what John had to offer, I was freaking blown away. One, he was an amazing talent and and super nice guy who had an ear like I have never heard before.  Two, amazing professional who dialed right into my brain, hooked me up with the best studio guys in the industry and pushed me vocally to where I have never been before.  This cd is not only going to knock your teeth out, one by one, but it will continue to kick you in the gut over and over again."    "I am my own worse critic and skeptic.  it has been a long lazy drama filled 6 years since my last Cd and for that I am so sorry to the fans that have supported me.  I think once you hear the new music, you will agree.....It was worth the wait.  Once you hear John's mixes, you WILL be impressed.  Thanks to my KICKSTARTER BACKERS for making this happen!!!!  I promise I will do everything not to let you down!!!

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